Admission Procedure

Eligibility & Admission Procedure of the candidate
Eligibility Criteria

Age Limit: The Candidate should have attained the age of 14 years but should not be more than 40 years on 1st August of the admission year.

  1. The Candidate should be mentally and physically fit and should meet the minimum physical standards prescribed by Director of Industrial Training & Vocational Education Deptt. of Haryana & DGE & T, New Delhi this institute and the Industrial Training & Vocational as applicable.
  2. The Candidate should not be suffering from any infections or contagious disease, or any physical deficiency or deformity which makes him/her unsuitable for the trade he/she wishes to join.

Note: A Medical Certificate of fitness in respect of both (a) and (b) above is required along with the admission application form. Still, a candidate will be removed from the rolls of the institute even if a disease/deficiency/deformity covered under (b) comes to the notice of the institute at any subsequent date

Admission Modality

  1. Admissions are made normally in July/August. Specific dates are fixed annually in accordance with the Training course schedule issued by the Director of Industrial Training & Vocational Education Deptt. of Haryana & DGE &T, and are indicated in the Admission Application Form.
  2. Admissions to all courses for all types of seats (open/reserved) are made on the basis of merit as explained elsewhere subject to priorities/preferences specified under related clauses.
  3. A candidate seeking admission to any course of training must fill up a form available from the office deposit the filled up form along with registration fee of Rs. 500/- with necessary documents asked for. The registration and Application Processing Fee is non-Refundable and payment of this fee does not guarantee admission, nor does it entitle a candidate to claim admission even if he/she meets the minimum requirements for admission. Only one form is required to be filled in for consideration of admission to all courses offered by the Institute.
  4. Incomplete form or form received after the specified date will be rejected and the fee forfeited. The procedure, norms priorities and preferences under which the selection is made are explained below. These are, however, only indication of the process and cannot be challenged legally or otherwise.
  5. All forms received in the Institute are scrutinized and processed by the Admission Selection Committee after the last date of receipt of forms. Candidates whose forms are found in order and who meet the minimum requirements are then listed in order of merit as explained under Selection at the appropriate place. Depending on the number of available seats, candidates from this list are then called for interview. The Admission Committee may also hold aptitude test/Interview for final selection of the candidates.
  6. The list of selected candidate is displayed on the Institute's Notice Board immediately after the selection is completed for all seats. All selected candidates must deposit necessary registration and other fees within the specified date, failing which the name of the candidate will be struck off the merit list.
  7. A candidate who is admitted to any course in the Institute must join within 3 days of starting of classes. In case he/she fails to join, his/her name will be deleted and all fees and caution money will be forfeited.
  8. The principal/Vice Principal reserves the right of refuse admission any candidate without assigning any reason whatsoever, irrespective of his/her meeting the requirements for admission.
  9. The Institute does not charge any Donation or capitation for admission.

Admission Selection, Priorities & Reservations

  1. Subject to the priorities listed hereunder, admission will be made on the basis of merit, for which purpose the Admission Committee will prepare merit list separately for various priorities
  2. In accordance with the rules of the Director of Industrial Training & Vocational Education Deptt. of Haryana & DGE & T, the Institute may also admit supernumerary candidate, they provide for the possible dropouts, to the limit of 30% of the authorized seats.
  3. In all matters related to selection / admission and in the matter of interpretation of above mentioned clauses, the decision of the Management and the Principal/Vice Principal will be final and binding on all concerned.